Chart of accounts for multiple companies

If a business have 15 companies I need to replicate the account types and accounts 15 times? Does this also means when a new account is added, it needs to be added 15 times?

Yes, because as companies can be in diferent contries they may have a diferent chart of accounts.

It depends. Accounts that are included on the template records (tnormally created by a localization module) will be created automatically with the create chart funcionality. Manuall accounts should be created manualy. But this is the expected behaviour as this accounts will be diferent for companies. For example if you create a bank account (which holds the company bank balance) each company will have a diferent one, so you do not need to replicate.

I have such configuration (with 3 companies). I solved it by implementing a module which provide an customized chart of accounts. This way, when a new account needs to be created, I add it to the module, and when I update the chart of accounts, everyone get the new account.

Thanks for feedback.

Agreed that there is always unique accounts per comany, but if 15 companies in the same type of business are doing the same type of business 90% should be the same.

Please elaborate on localization.

I think @pokoli mean that depending the country, accounting rules (and so the chart of accounts) are not necessary the same due to country legislation.

The question is, can I setup localization. In our country there is no such thing as a stanndardized legal chart of accounts. So I need to make it easy for me and customers

Yes, you should createa a module to load the localization data.

Which country? There are no taxes? There is any recomendation from tax authorities? I’ve seen some countries that there is no standarized chart of accounts but there is a recomendation to use one specific. Normally this chart is used as localization for the country as it is what is recomended and others can skip the module if they want to do in diferent way.

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