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I have a server 6.0 and client running. I used the Installation script and model database here Tryton Community / tools / Tryton installation and maintainance scripts for pip venv · GitLab
Installation went smoothly but now I am facing the fact that there is a lack of documentation already mentioned in this post Step-by-Step tutorial for beginners
The problem I am currently facing is changing the Company from the pre installed ‘Sample Company’ which comes with the model database.
I select ‘Einstellungen’ I guess this translates to Preferences (top right drop down arrow) which opens a window with the administrator user in the head and the current company underneath. In the field current company it says ‘Musterfirma’ but I can’t select the company which I would like to set as current company although I have created it under Company>Company. If I open that my company is visible.
Thus my question: how do I change the current company.

The documentation here Usage — Tryton module with companies and employees
doesn’t really help.

You should open the user preferences by clicking the user name in the top right of the application. From there you will see a “Current Company” field which can be used to change your company.

That’s what I am doing. But in the current company window I can’t select the company I want to set as current company. I can delete the ‘Musterfirma’ in the field and Type in ‘Phagestack’ that’s the company I want. But then the ‘Musterfirma’ gets deleted. It is also no longer visible in Company > company but there are two companies ‘Phagestack’. To me this looks fishy.

I think you are missing one step. You have to add the new company also to a user. So go to Administration -> Users -> Users and select a user. Then add the new company into the list of companies. Maybe you have to logout and login again to get it working.

So you have companies and each company has employees. Both relates to party to get the different details. As you can see, there is a missing link, from company and employee to a Tryton user who can login and do stuff. That’s the step you forgot, linking the company and employees to a Tryton user who can login.

Some one must complete Usage — Tryton module with companies and employees to indicate that the companies and employees must be set first for each user by the administrator.

I’ve created Explain where available companies and employes are defined (!975) · Merge requests · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab to improve it.

I did the following:

  • added the new company under parties > parties
  • added a new user to parties under parties > parties
  • added a new user under administration > users > users and gave privileges to it
  • logged out and back in
  • navigated to administration > users > users and tried to enter the new company as 'current company. But the new company is not available in the drop down list ‘current company’ (I have the German Version ‘Aktuelles Unternehmen’)
    What am I missing? Do I just rename the already established current company?

Companies must be created under “Companies > Companies”

Users must be created under “Administration > Users > Users”

Thanks for the input. I’ll go back and repeat from scratch.

I do not anything anything is so wrong that you can not fix the existing data.
For the company, you can link it to the party you created.
For the user, I guess you wanted to create employees so you can link the user to the employee which is linked to the party.

Thanks for the help. But I am trying to make notes which don’t have any fixes or detours. A new install takes me a few minutes with the install script. So I think it’s worth it. I will follow the combined advice here:

  • create new company in companies > companies
  • create new user in Administration > users > users
  • add the company to a user in Administration > users > users
  • log out and back in
    After that I want to change the current company to the new company using the profile button on the top right. A window opens with the admin email and password in the header and the actual company in the body. I switch the filter to ‘all’ but the drop down ‘current company’ doesn’t have the new company. It just has the ‘Musterfirma’ which came with the sample database.
    Now I log out and back in with the new user I created et voilà the new company is available in the drop down ‘current company’. So now I have a sequence to follow. Perhaps this sequence could be added to the documentation.
    Now I continue with the learning curve, wish me luck.

I do not know about this script but if it creates data it is probably not a good one to setup a database.
By default Tryton does not generate any business data but run some setup wizards on first login to help configuring.

Well, I tried that route in the first place but failed miserably. It has to do with the fact that I don’t have enough docker experience. I found this script (see link in my first post) which installs a virtual environment and has the option to load a sample database for a German company. Now I am trying to make the necessary modifications for my company.

The fasted way to change the company is to create a new Party and replace the Party of the current company with the new one. The name of the company is taken from the Party name.

But the notes can be moved into a howto. I have taken your notes and moved it into a bit more readable version. If anybody is interested I can create a draft Howto so another can maybe add some screenshots and changes to the text.

This should not be in a Howto but in the documentation if anything is missing.

Ok, this is my text, @pokoli take what you want from it and do with it what you want and add it to Explain where available companies and employes are defined (!975) · Merge requests · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab

Add a new company

  • create a new party which will be linked to the company under parties -> parties
  • create a new party which will be linked to the company as an employee under parties -> parties
  • create new company in companies -> companies

You must set a currency, this is used as the default currency for the company. Setting the timezone will help to localize the date and time.

  • create employees in the company in the same form or through companies -> employees

  • create a new user under administration -> users -> users and give access permissions to it

  • add the newly created company to the Companies field (you can add more )

  • add the newly created employee to the Employees field

You can also set the Current Company and Current Employee, these are used when the user logs in. Setting the Company Filter will filter the records based on the Current Company or all companies added to the Companies field.

The user can change those settings themselves.

After everything is setup, logout and login as the new user.

When making changes in the preferences, logout and login again to make sure the changes are applied.

Change the company
Changing the company is very easy and depends on what the change actually is. If only the name of the company changes, just rename the party linked to it. If the company moves and changes it’s name, create a new party and replace the current party on the company to the new one. If basically everything changes including employees, this is the same as adding a new company and

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Today I installed a new Tryton setup using the install script available here: TrytonDACH / Tryton installation and maintainance scripts for pip · GitLab

The script runs smoothly and Tryton is up and running using the desktop client.

Then I created a new user next to the admin user and tried to change the current company from ‘Musterfirma’ to my company using the procedures outlined above. But I observed the same problems as I described above.

The new user is created in users > users
My company and the new user is created in Parties
My company is created in companies and has the new user as employee
Log out and log back in with the new user name.
When I open the user preferences (drop down menue accessible through the down arrow on the top right) and try to change the current company, My company does not appear under the selections even if I set the filter to ‘all’ .
What am I missing?

You stopped half way …

As admin, add the company and employee to the new user in users > users

On a clean installation you should not have any prexisting companies created.

If you really want to use this script and look for support, you should ask to the author of this script what it does and how to use it.

On clean setup once the company module is activated, a wizard is launched to create your first company and configure existing user for that company.

Thanks for your help. I figured it out. The procedure is kind of complicated, but hey, I am willing to learn.
@ced : the script itsself does a clean install in a virtual environment which for learning and testing is perfect. The script also has the option to use a pre configured database for the German SKR03 or SKR04 standard accounts. This is a big help if you want to set up finances for a German company.