Celery Tryton module

(CΓ©dric Krier) #1


Celery integration with Tryton. It defines an abstract base Task class that runs inside a Tryton transaction. If the task is called from within a Tryton transaction, the context of this one will be automatically restored when the worker will execute it.
Getting Started

Here is a simple application:

from celery import Celery
from celery_tryton import TrytonTask, celery_app
from trytond.pool import Pool

celery_app.conf.TRYTON_DATABASE = 'test'

def hello(user_id):
    User = Pool().get('res.user')
    user = User(user_id)
    return 'hello world, %s' % user.name


All standard celery configuration options will work but in addition TRYTON_DATABASE must be set to the default Tryton database name and optionally TRYTON_CONFIG to load a specific configuration file.

The celery_app will load the configuration from the config value from the section [celery] defined in the trytond configuration when used from a Tryton module.

Start a worker:

$ celery worker --app=examples.purchase_requests

Call generate_all task:

$ celery call examples.purchase_requests.generate_all