CardDAV implementation in Tryton


I read this section of the doc and it mentions that Tryton can act as a CardDAV server. I really like the idea of being able to integrate Tryton contacts in e-mail clients like Thunderbird or Outlook, even if it’s a one-way synchronization.

Then when I searched the forum, I read this post about *DAV removal…

What is the current status of the CardDAV implementation?

I’d be interested as well.
I’m using owncloud as a CardDAV and CalDAV server with various clients, which works very well. Double data storage is not what we want, so my wish is tryton to act as a CardDAV client, so it can achieve party (address) data. Acting as a CardDAV server would work as well.

But maybe I didnt at all understand the concept of handling and providing party (address) data in tryton at all, and someone could give me a hint.

For now, nothing happened on this topic (except the removal of unmaintained code).
I think the direction to go would be to server through HTTP a readonly vCalendar and vCard file which will allow CalDav and CardDAV server to synchronize with and share.

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Yes, I fully agree. Shall I file a RFE?

Only if you are going to work on it: Tryton - How to Develop

In case you’re talking about coding - sorry, I’m just a dumb user.