Cannot accept payment for posted invoice

I’m stuck trying to recognise customer payment of an invoice (continues from Cannot create Fiscal Year, which @edbo kindly helped solve).

I was able to post the invoice, and now I am trying to accept payment from the customer.

IIUC, I need to open the invoice and mark the lines for payment.

I selected the invoice line, but again iiuc there should be a payment button but I don’t see one. If I click Process the invoice line is unselected but nothing else seems to happen. Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong now?

Here is the invoice line details, which I found appears if I double-click the invoice line.

Thanks very much.

You can register the payment from the invoice but you need first to create a payment method.
I updated the documentation: Document that payment method is needed to run pay invoice wizard (!1059) · Merge requests · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab

Thanks @ced. I thought I had done that, but perhaps not correctly (likely not correctly twice, since this is the second time I have tried this, and get to the same place again with a new database).

Here is my “Cash” payment method.


The account for the payment methods can not be the same as the invoice account. This is why the invoice does not display the pay button because you are using to register cash the main receivable account.

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