BOM and Labour Input/Costs

Greetings from Vietnam,
I have a fairly common scenario here: I workshop manufacturing artisan goods needs BOMs for each product, including labour. I can, of course, define labour input as a service product, but services can seemingly not be included into BOMs. This is in contradiction to what SAP and friends often do.
Or am I missing something? I would not like to go through the much more complex cost/work centre approach, where costs are only accumulated in real-time, when the work is done.
Any idea? thanks a lot!

Did you know about the production work module?

Hi Sergi,
Yes, I actually installed and populated it yesterday, well before firing off my question. However, it seems quite a bit more complicated to use, and demands a formalised production process, which may not be required in our setting. Also, it only seems to capture the production labour cost when a production is actually ordered and effected (I might be wrong here, but have not been able to establish fixed a priori costing yet).
I there any more simplistic way to get labour cost implemented, as a fixed "ingredient’ to a product?
Thanks a lot for your kind help!

The only way that comes to my mind is defining the product as consumable (in order to not validate it’s stock), but you must define it as goods in order to be used on BOMs and on productions.

Thanks a lot Sergi - this looks like a doable way around. I did play around with the production work module all day today, but it is really overkill - and may scare users away. Thanks a lot for you help!

A question though: Would it not make sense to offer the inclusion of work into BOMs, as others do, too? This could be configured, for instance, in the Production configuration…
Any thoughts?

If this make sense in your use case you can always implement a custom module that implements it, but i do not think this will by part of the standard modules as we have the product_work which is more generic.

I think it is a wrong advise because service should not have stock accounting.

I think it could make sense to have a module production_service which would allow to add services used during the production which will be added to the total cost of the production.
The kind of services could be for example insurance, external workers (without time-sheet) or general cost (like electricity, water etc.).

Thanks a lot, CĂ©dric, this makes sense, especially for those who are mainly interested in getting the costing of a product.

Hi everyone, is a module like this actually in the pipeline? Just curious… :slight_smile:

I do not think as I could not find any blueprint in the features category. If you want to work on it, this is the first step to do, writing a blueprint.

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