Best practice to manage delivery contracts

I’m asking for best practice for the following situation:

Given we have a frame contract with a customer for the following products:

  • Product A: 1.000 pcs
  • Product B: 400 pcs
  • Pcoduct C: 800 pcs
  • and so on, about 200 different products

Customer orders products of these frame contracts on demand, for example:
Week 1:

  • 8 pcs of product A
  • 20 pcs of product C
    Week 2:
  • 10 pcs of product B
  • 10 pcs of product C

The products are real (produced) products, not services.

Customer does not want one delivery note per position, but a grouped delivery note for all shipments of a delivery.

I would handle each week’s order as a separate sale, and manage the “contract” outside of Tryton,
packing the frame contract number into the Product code field (so customer can see it on the delivery note/invoice). This works at the moment, because at the moment one product is delivered exactly to one customer.
But is there a preferred method in Tryton to handle delivery contracts?

Thanks for any help.


I do not understand. It is mainly required to have one delivery note per shipment as you must declare what are the goods in the shipment.

That sounds logical.

For now there is no other solution. But I could imagine to have a module to manage such frame contract (for sale and purchase) with a check like for the credit limit and another one when closing the contract if it was not fully consume.

Thank you for your answer, ced. It would be great to have a module to manage those contracts.

The module could contain

  • Company
  • Party
  • Type (Sale / Purchase)
  • name (= contract number / id, but Char, not Int)
  • Product
  • total quantity to deliver
  • price (maybe “formula” like in the price list module, if anyone needs this)
  • active
    • either valid from / valid until (date)
    • or “active (yes/no)”
    • or maybe status “Draft” → “Active” → Closed"


  • possibility to choose from delivery contract when creating a Sale / Purchase
  • see the quantity already delivered, and the quantity which is still to deliver
  • “total quantity to deliver”, “valid until” and “price” may change over time. They must be editable; special access rights may be necessary to define who is allowed to create / change delivery contracts

Anyone else interested in this functionality?
Any thoughts / comments?

We are also interested in such functionality about “open orders”.
Maybe adding an option to link contract to a cron to generate sale orders with a specific quantity at a recurrent date (each month for instance) .

The first will be to write a blue print.

That’s probably for a second time. Because I do not think it recurring order should always be managed by a frame contract.

Yes we are also interested on such functionality.

The first step should be writing a blueprint as already suggested:

Do you plan to do it?

I think what you posted on the previoust post is a good starting point for the blueprint. So if we have it we can discuss the design before going further.

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I created a blueprint :

Thank you for giving your comments and ideas.


Thank you Thierry for creating the blueprint. I was working on it, but as I am not so deep into Tryton internals yet, I faced problems formulating it.
Now I will comment on your blueprint, thank you again.