Subscriptions: Consumption Method: On Invoice Paid

We sell “test subscriptions” which shall be billed upfront and have to be paid in advance. As long as no payment is received, the subscription shall not be executed.

How can I achieve this? Or more detailed:

  • How can I create a subscription invoice
    • upfront (prior to setting the subscription to “execute”)
    • for the whole subscription period? Or more precisely: for all planned consumption in this period?

Such workflow is not yet supported. It would require to make a module sale_subscription_advance_payment which should implement the advance payment like in the module sale_advance_payment.

Thanks for the quick answer.

So I assume, the same is true for this (slightly different) use-case:

Beside the test subscriptions we have yearly subscriptions: Consumption period is weekly, payment is either monthly or twice a year - both at the beginning of the month/half-year. The payment is due, even if the consumption is paused or canceled (customer has to pay even if service is not used).

No this is just a consumption based on the time. So just create consumption.

@ced I looked into the sales_advance_payment module and it looks like this is not covering my use-case. The sales_advance_payment module:

When the sale is processed the advance payment invoices are created, final invoices will be generated when this advance payment invoices are paid. Those invoices will take into the account the amount previously paid by the customer.

The advance payment invoice has one line/position, containing the advance payment term name and “1 unit” (“Vorauskasse” is the name of the payment term):

For what I want is to create the actual invoice, but process the subscription after payment has been received. So this is more like “Shipment Method: On Invoice Paid” for normal sales.

I’d appreciate any hints on implementing this and will, of course, share the results.

For me it makes no sense. It is either an advance payment which is a pre-condition to start the subscription or it is just to invoice at the beginning of the period.

It’s a invoice at the beginning of the period with “Consumption Method: On Invoice Paid” :slight_smile: Anyhow I’d appreciate some tips on implementing the “On Invoice Paid” part.

I can not advise because what you describe is not a subscription. It is just a regular sale.

Hmm, from the sale’s point-of -view, you might be right. But after payment how to convert the sale into a subscription - without many manual intervention, while marking the consumptions (or subscription) to be paid already?

What am I missing here?

Business case is like this:
A bakery offers “subscriptions” for some special bread. Customers will get one bread each week for the paid period, paid up-front. And each week the bakery needs to know how many of these special breads to bake.

The subscription module is for service only.
What you are looking for is a tool to create automatically and frequently sale orders.

This sound related to Best practice to manage delivery contracts