Asset subscribed


Some kind of subscriptions involve an asset of the company (ex: cars, building etc.). In such case it may be required to know which asset is rent to who. Also we should ensure that the same asset is not rent twice over the same period. And we must provide a way to let the user select available assets for the subscription period.


  • Add a Man2Many pointing to stock lots of assets on subscription service.
  • Add a Many2One pointing to a serial lot number on the subscription line. It must be a lot number from the subscription service.
  • Add on serial lot number a Function field “Subscribed” for the contextual date which point to the current subscription line.
  • Add a constraint on subscription line with a lot number to not overlap.
  • Add a Many2Many readonly fields on the subscription service which shows the available and not available lots for the current date (using filter).

The lot must be removed from the lines when the subscription is canceled.
The lot will be required for a running subscription with a service linked to lots.


Future Improvement

  • Create customer shipment for the rent assets.

For performance, it will be good to implement the feature exclude with range.

Here’s the implementation: Issue 7486: RFC: Asset subscribed - Tryton issue tracker

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