AssertionError Windows 10 Error run server

When I run the server I ve this error . Have you Ideas ?

assert issubclass(cls.__class__, PoolMeta), cls

AssertionError: <class ‘trytond.modules.calendar.webdav.Collection’>

Because you activated the calendar modules which was deprectated since 4.4 series. You should deactivate this modules as explained on the migration topic.

When I desactivated calendar , the run server scracht and ask the modules webdav and calendar ?

raise MissingDependenciesException(list(missing))

trytond.exceptions.MissingDependenciesException: [‘calendar’, ‘webdav’]

Do you have any custom modules that depen on it? If so you should also remove the dependencies otherwise tryton will not start without satisfying dependencies of all activated modules.

But I try installed manually gnu_health 3.6, for the installation ask calendar / webdav

IIRC they are maintaining a fork of this modules on their repositories. You should download the repositories from there.

As we do not maintain this modules anymore if you have any issues on them please report it to the gnuhealth project.

Have you a URL link for I download this modules from IIRC

I think they are available on PyPI.

This search: points to one package. I am not sure it’s the right one though.

Thank for reply , I will test.

It’s good. I ve corrected this error , I’ve installed the library . Thank you.

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