"article" with free text

Often, I have to bill (or buy) articles which are tailor made and only sold or purchased once. For that reason, I need to use free text to describe it. AFAIK, in the articles field, I cannot type in free text, tryton wants something from the stock. I tried only to type in the description and leave articles blank - that works, the text appears in the invoice. But it does not appear in tryton when dealing with the order, the purchase or whatever. So I may not have found the ideal strategy - what do experts recommend?

I don’t think it’s a good idea, as I know Tryton makes a good process for accounting ,movements, stock and integrity of the information. Maybe you can create a general purpose product? And change the price directly on invoice ?

Also you can show the description of the product instead of the name on the invoice line and change it every time you have to make a movement/purchase/invoice.