Anyone can help Windows

Can anyone help to create a database. Very dificult on Windows for such a great software.

I never tried to use PostgreSQL under Windows. But I guess if having a command line is complicated, you could use
Once you have created the database, you must fill it with How to setup a database — trytond 5.5 documentation

Hello Ced
I’ve created yet the server and the database, that I call of Triton-Pedro, the problem is to connect to this database when I launch the Triton.
Thanks for your help

What is the error message when trytond is launched with the options -d <database name>?

When I enter the name of the server just have the message Can’t connect to server.


Are you sure the server is listening to the proper address?
Why do you think it is a problem with the connection to the database?

I don’t know, the server is running in port 5433. I can see in pgadmin the server running and the database ready.

When I talk about the server, I mean the Tryton server. It is running on port 8000 by default.
You know that Tryton has a three tiers architecture?

So I need to install something more than just the desktop client?

Where can I find the server

You can use the docker image: Tryton - Get Tryton
Or install it from the source: Tryton - Get Tryton
Or use the published packages: Tryton - Get Tryton
Or check one of the distribution package: Tryton - Get Tryton

You have to install trytond and all the modules that you need (starts with trytond_*).

Which one you think it’s easier for a non programming man

Docker has all already installed in one image. But you need to know the basics of Docker.

By the way, what a piece of art is Triton. Never see any software like this. But I think I can’t use it because the installation needs much knowledge

What I need to run the docker, I’ve created an account

I will try tomorrow. Sorry for disturbing

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If you want to play with Tryton you can see the demo If you want to install the server read about docker or you can get help from someone with more tech knowledge. The Tryton website has a list of providers in case you need more enterprise solution.

Maybe topic Connecting to PostgreSQL Server can help shed some light on it. It seems that you already have postgresql database server running. Now you need to install the tryton-server. See this post Connecting to PostgreSQL Server to install tryton-server without docker, but you need some skill to work with Python in a Windows environment.