Install tryton and database in windows

Hello, I live in Brazil and would like to install Tryton and its database in windows is it possible?

I do not know how to work with linux, I have a lot of difficulty


Probably the easiest option is to use the tryton docker image

There is also a procedure described on the old wiki, but I don’t know if it is outdated.

If you explain the difficulties you are facing we can probably provide some tips on how to solve them. Otherwise is not possible to help :wink:

I follow this video on youtube and everything goes straight to the part of configuring the database, when executing trytond.conf, it does not work anymore

Could you please post which comands are you executing and which error you are getting?

I’m fine until I run the tryton server when I execute the command from this image error

What can be this mistake?

You are missing the package werkzeug.
But it seems you are using the GNU Health script to make your installation, I suggest that you see with this project instead.

plus I’m following this tutorial

then, the conclusion is trytonD (server) don’t have a step by step to install on windows OS. confirm, please

If you have a working Python environment on Windows. You can follow the standard installation with pip.
Of course, you will also need to install PostgreSQL on Windows. For that you should check with PostgreSQL community.

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