Allow configurate project status at project tree view (tabs)

Since is possible to define which project status are available.

The project tree shows a tab for each state. In case you create 10 project status, you show 10 tabs. In case you create 20 project status, you show 20 tabs, etc…


Add bolean field in project status to allow which status show in project tree view (tabs).

Which is the issue about having 20 tabs? If you have 20 states you should be able to search for all of them.

Which is the rational? Why do you want to hide them?

Same as sale module: there are 6 states, and only show 4 states + exeption tab + all tab. Where is cancel and done state in sale tree view? Inside “all” tab.

Not show all tabs (default true). For example , current status configuraton you could select if show in project or task; or the count, or…

I attach two screens.

I do not think the parallel can be done this way. This is because for sale we do not show a tab for ending states like done and cancelled. But for project there only “done” as final state.
I do not see when we would like to have different final state for project. If we have a general use case which requires many final state than we could consider supporting that.
But I think that the current behavior is good to avoid the excessive multiplication of states.

Indeed that is the case at NaN-tic for example. We’ve got several final states: done, cancelled, duplicated.

I think the same happens with Tryton’s roundcube where you can mark an issue as invalid or done (and there’s closed and cancelled).

I guess we could not create tab for state with 100% of progress.