A Blockchain for GNU/Health Tryton

Hello friends, this is the 1.0 version of a Sawtooth health care blockchain, based on the wonderful work of AlexanderZhovnuvaty, I intend to use it to provide for my country DR a healthcare blockchain to track the information of all the patients and the serial diseases that happen every year, mainly to help on those poor communities on the country.
I modeled to the tryton way of using party as main area, so it can be used to other areas.

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Unfortunately the GNU Health stakeholders are not very present on this forum so I think you should communicate with them through their mailing-list on savannah.

Also I have some pretty big concerns about the idea of storing the medical evaluations of people in a shared database :smiley:

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Is a widely used solution, even Estonia have it(https://nortal.com/blog/blockchain-healthcare-estonia/), in the USA there are several compnies doing it.

From the website:

It’s not the health records that are secured using blockchain, but the log files that record all the data processing activities performed on those records.

But anyway, it’s a bit off-topic for this forum to discuss the suitability of blockchains for health records. It might interest people in the GNU Health community though …

Hello @hidura interesting proposal … and an interesting social contribution. But first it will be necessary to break paradigms and fears of the treatment of this type of information in our country, but it will be possible and I will keep it in mind for our next implementation of gnuhealth.


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Excellent! Many thanks!