Wrong values for end balance in General Ledger report

I am getting some strange results for the end balance in the General Ledger report which makes no sense and would like some help on how to fix the problem. I have a liability account for taxes due code 202-000 that had a account debit move for 108,245.84 CRC during October 2023. Throughout the entire 2023 year there were no move on this account, hence the initial balance is 0 (cero), but for the end balance it shows 525,148.32 CRC which is wrong! Attached is a screenshot of the report just showing that particular account.

I filtered the report to show the results up the previous month (September 2023) and it produces a totally different end balance for the same account (359,149.17 CRC). If we take the end balance of September as the initial balance for October, the end balance for October doesn’t add up neither 359,149.17 + 108,245.84 = 467,395.01

The reports produced above have all the accounting periods closed up to September 2023. So does anyone knows what could be the problem?

It looks like Misconfigured adjustment period can break general ledger (#10961) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab.

Thank you for the help! I read the information described in the issue ticket link and I have a few more questions so that I can proceed to correct my problem:

  1. In the issue ticket, the reporter used a uncommon adjustment period that basically overlaps the whole fiscal year. In my configuration, I have an adjustment period of a single day set to the last day of the year (i.e. December 31th). Hence, would this ticket issue still apply to my the case?
  2. What is the correct way to configure the adjustment period? My last accounting period from last year is 2022-12 that goes from 2022-12-01 to 2022-12-31. Hence my adjustment period will overlap the regular period in that last day. Is that an acceptable setup? or adjustment periods should never overlap with standard periods? Can I set the adjustment period to be a date past beyond the fiscal year, say for example January 1st of next year?

If overlaps are not allowed and can break the general ledger, then I will have to manually fix the DB by moving account moves entries that are dated 2022-12-31 to 2022-12-30 and change the last period date range. Is that the solution?

Thank you in advanced for your kind assistance Mr. Krier!

Hi, I am not an accountant but AFAIK adjustment periods are created on the last day of the period (start date == end date) which should be adjusted. In germany when adjusting the fiscal year we have twelve regular periods, one for each month. And adjustment periods 13, 14, … as needed. all on 31.12 HIH

If it is not related to this issue. It can only be solved by debugging the queries that trytond generates to understand the result.

I have finally found where the issue was, and the wrong balance values were due to a damaged MPTT on my chart of accounts tree; the account 202-000 was wrongly associated to other accounts as its children.

The problem may have started back a few months ago, when I made some updates on my existing chart by adding, moving, and removing some accounts around. At that time I didn’t know the importance of the MPTT on this matter. So by setting the left and right field in account.account to 0 to force a MPTT update it fixed the problem.

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