Work order on vehicles

I am not sure where to post this request or if like other code forum I have been on I can hire or set a bounty to get some work done like this. I am NOT a coder I suspect that is what it will require back end work. Any help or direction is much appreciated. The examples screen shots come from an SAP setup a friend uses for the same type of setup. Thanks TelematicMan

Customer calls and needs us to install GPS devices on 5 different vehicles. We need to be able to have something like a Master Vehicle Input form.
In this form we would put the Vin # the make, model, see screenshot



Once the data is input into this form we then move to the Sales form and create a sales order for the in which we can pull the list of 5 vehicles w/their information into it. Each vehicle would need to be able to open from the vehicle group that is assigned to the sales order. Within the MASTER DATA there will be additional tabs, for registrations as an example, so we can keep track of the information that is specifically associated with each individual vehicle.




Once the Sales order is COMPLETED we then populate info into the PURCHASE ORDER that will generate out to the Technicians doing the installation work.



Once the work has been completed by the Technicians, we would like to be able to go back in and do a search for work history on any vehicles we have done installs or service on. I am not quite sure where to put this Master Vehicle Data form/section into.

We will also need to note the sales order as we are working it to show what has been completed on each sales order – I.E. – Called Point of contact to schedule – pending return call.

Tie all the forms together with a “Search Tool” or shortcut buttons to search the different forms.


This is an interesting topic for new feature for Tryton. It remind me this New invoicing method when selling both goods and services.
So I think there is a generic feature that could land in the standard Tryton which is the ability to create work order when a sale order is confirmed.
This work order could be linked to an external asset like a vehicle.

There is no bounty system in place on but you can hire one of the Tryton - Service Providers.

Ced Thank you for your time replying. I think the post on your other thread is on to something good.

Ceds Post

After more thoughts, I think this kind of “shipment for service” should have a quiet similar design as the timesheet works. It should be a very simple model with a minimal workflow but with an optional reference field which allow it to be “plugged” to another document workflow. So if for example, we want to invoice the service once a shipment has been done, the service line is linked to the shipment and once the shipment is shipped the “shipment for service” is triggered to be marked as done.
I think this is a very generic design which allows to support plenty of different cases with simple customization.
The default could just manage unlinked case with a simple button to mark the service as done (and the quantity done).

And we should split the invoice method on sale between service and goods.

Me: Is this done by the Tryton Devs or something I need get done or figure out?

ME: So how to implement “shipment for service” properly to be clear we do not actually ship any equipment it is all bought and purchased by the end client then we install it.

I understand your thought process on this for lack of a better term shipment for service will work as it would some how plug in the tracking and future records search for warranty or install data information that we need of the workflow process.

I do not know if this is possible in some way in the Project Module as I have not had time to look at it in depth. By making each install or group of installs in a project for the client requesting the work.

Thanks TelematicMan

Is it possible to create a new module for inputting vehicle information the pulling that information into the sales order?