Wizard position


I have a button in a view that launches a wizard but unfortunately it doesn’t pop-up in the center of the screen.
We need to move manually the wizard window in order to see the buttons. This wizard only contains a O2M and buttons.
On the server side I tried:

  • to rezise the height of the O2M to shorten the size of the window but it didn’t work.
  • to apply xexpand=“0” or xfill=“0” to the field O2M, didn’t work.

I am able to build a client, so on the client side I tried:

  • for the class WizardDialog, to set_position to WIN_POS_CENTER, didn’t work.

Have you faced a problem like this before ? Or would you have any ideas how to move the window properly ?
Thank you.


Which version? Because I think this was improved in recent versions.

Sorry forgot to mention it. I’m working on the version 5.0.
I checked the latest development on your Github,nothing much changed for this class WizardDialog.

By the way, I think I found out what was my problem. After the click on the button that launches the wizard, there is a raise_user_warning that is shown in between (so before the wizard window is shown).
That seems to cause the problem.