Why are there 2 children taxes in «T.V.A. achat de marchandises déductibles 21%» in the Belgian taxes plan?


I have a company setup with the Belgian accounting module. I don’t understand the difference between the vat for products and services.

When I create a supplier invoice with one line and add the «T.V.A. achat de marchandises déductibles 21%» tax on the line, I have two tax lines on the invoice, one with 21%, and the other with 0%. When instead I add the «T.V.A. Achat de services et biens divers déductibles 21%» tax on the line, I only have one 21% tax line on the invoice.

And indeed, in the taxes listing, the first has two children (one with 21% and the other with 0%), and the second is percent based at 21%, with no child.

Why are these ? Is something wrong with my setup ?


Indeed it is a relic from the older tax report system which could not book the base amount into more than 1 tax code.
At least the second children could be removed from all the similar taxes without problem.
The best will be to merge into a single tax like for the services but we should be careful that former tax reports will still work.