Where to find documentation

Hi all,

I’m looking for the documentation to learn how to create new rules in tryton client, which functions are availables, how to navigate threw the model, etc.

Where can I find it ?


Hi and welcome to the Tryton forum!

All our documentation is available on Tryton Documentation — Tryton Documentation latest documentation
You can browse older versions also if needed.

There is a topic dedicated to the Tryton client.

Thank you !

Are there some tutorials to learn how to create new rules in the Tryton Client ?

I think that depends on what you mean by new rules?

I guess there is a rule engine in Tryton allowing you (a final user) to customize some behaviors directly inside the client side. For exemple to do some validation or create new object on an event.

Not really. We prefer to use code in custom module because this can be tested, duplicated and reproduced instead of configuration in database.

Some behaviors can be configured from the Administration menu like when to run scheduled tasks, define access rights (even extend view but it is not recommended).