When importing statement, partys are not automatically selected

When I’m importing a statement, Most of partys are not automatically linked, depsites their bank account is correctly encoded in database.

Is this considered a normal behaviour?

This is only working when the name are exactly similar, but the bank account is a better key, also because some users can have more than one.

Or maybe it’s a configuration problem?

Hi Simon,

Which format are you using? The imported data depends on the format you are importing.

Also it is possible to use the account_statement_rule module to create rules to find the party using the bank_account keyword or the party keyword. We recently had a discussion about party matthinc that may be relevant to your case.

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Thanks for your answer, I use an OFX format.

I’ll have look on account_statement_rule module then.

This format does not read the bank account. Is there a deidcated field for it or it’s just included on a description field?

In the OFX file, I’ve a dedicated field with the partys account number:


As far as I can see the transactions do not have any bank account but only payee. And this is the value that Tryton is using to search for a party.

I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean.

There is actually a bank account (IBAN) in the OFX file for each transactions. Here is a full example. I have a name and bank account. Tryton is able to find party from the name.

  <NAME>Name of owner</NAME>

Indeed it is an optional tag that ofxparse does not support. So the first thing to do is to make a proposal to this project to add the support.

Ok. It’s looks the right way as tryton delegate to ofxparse this question.
However, as this is a optionnal tag, it is maybe not widely used and this is almost a dead end for developpement. I feel it could be more useful to invest time to implement a mapping for CSV, as it is a common format for bank statement and would provide a more generic solution.

I can see this was discussed here: I’ll answer this post then.

I was ready to open an issue but you’ve done it already :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I’ve understood how to use the rules but encoding the bank name in identifiers for each parties is a working solution.

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