What units of measure should be used for reels of wire?

I am purchasing a reel of 38 AWG magnet wire to use for manufacturing inductors (winding the wire around a ferrite rod). A reel of wire contains 5882.6m, and an inductor requires 846cm of wire (i.e. a reel has enough wire to make about 70 inductors). I defined a unit of measure called “Reel” in category “Length” with symbol “Reel” and conversion factor of “5,882.6”.

So far, so good, it seems, but I will need to buy other reels of wire with different lengths of wire per reel. What is the best way to handle all these different reels?

Should I create Units of Measure like Reel-5882M, Reel-100FT, Reel-2KG, etc. for all the different reels? Should I use symbol “Reel” for all these different reels, or also use different symbols? (also it seems list in the Suppliers table doesn’t format very well with a 4-character symbol).

Any suggestions?

Thanks all,

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You could also use “Meter” as measure and a second unit of measure which is “Unit” with the conversion defined on the product. This way you measure the stock quantity always in meter and you can easily buy using the second unit.