What is the recommended approach for cloning the Tryton service?

What are the recommended methods for creating backups of all services and restoring them on a new server?

Additionally, which service is Tryton using on a Debian instance?

There is no “recommended” method and backup/restore is a specific approach…
I manage this function for several customers.
I use lxc containers for this.
Container is copied every day and restarted on the secondary server with day-before data.
A proxy container redirects traffic to the right container on both servers.
Additionally, you choose the port on which the service is answering.

If this is clearly the best option.

The problem is that I need to create this export in order to dockerise tryton. The only three methods I can think of to do this is to clone the machine and see if it is possible to pass it to docker, the next is to see all the documents where tryton writes and copy them and the last way is to clone manually.

I don’t know if there is any other option with a module?

I cannot help because I don’t use docker.

Tryton stores data only in the database and in the database path. So if you dump/restore the database and copy the database path content, you should have the same Tryton as long as you have the same configuration.

In which folder are the documents saved as pdf, because I have made the migration to docker complete, but the last one I have left are the attached files.


They are stored in the database path. On docker it should be in a volume that is mounted under /var/lib/trytond/db.