What is the canonical way to handle supplier invoices for generic charges?


I’m progressing on my implementation of tryton, and now I need to encode supplier invoices.

For invoices related to purchases, I’m ok: I have products, or services, all is well.

But how do I handle generic invoices ? Electricity, heating, phone charges, building renting, insurances, generic small thing ?

Do I have to create a generic service and accounting category for each of the accounts that I have in the accounting plan ?


also, some of the invoice from suppliers are credit notes for commissions on sales. Those need to be assigned to a 74 account (Belgium), which is a product account. And I can’t select those in the account for a supplier invoice…

ok I just noticed that I don’t formally need a product in an invoice line, so I can encode the supplier invoices now.

But I still have the problem for the amounts that I have to assign to a 746 account… I’ll create a specific topic for that one :slight_smile:

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