Webshop module should add an additional tab in products for webshop specific data such as title and descriptions for each webshop instance

The user may want to give a product a different title or description on different shop channels to meet different web shop rules such as length limits. I think a simple tab for additional fields like title / description may allow more flexibility. This could perhaps be extended with allowing the relevant module for the webshop type to show additional fields like webshop category etc

Each web shop modules allow to easily customize which data to use for a product.
Having extra fields just in case is not part of the Tryton’s standard design, instead we prefer to have simple interface that can be easily by customized or extended by custom module.

OK, I’ve been spending some days experimenting with the demo trying it out for my needs (looks great and simple) and I’m starting to see how I would like to extend it for the near future