Weblate es_419 how to view unstralated

Hello, I wanted to know how to see the untranslated strings?
Since there are many untranslated, but the ‘es_419’ is derived from Spanish (es), so I understand if it is empty it takes what is in ‘es’. How do I know which one is already confirmed to take what is in ‘es’?
Or I only translate what I see that currently differs in the client.

Yes, this is how derivative language works.

If it’s translated in es it is also translated for es_419.
You just need to take care of diferent translations.

There is no confirmation. You can see in the “Other languages” tab the Spanish translation.
I think it will be good to request to weblate to have status to mark an empty translation of a derivative language as translated.

I think it is a good suggestion to weblate, I opened a feature request here.

It is very difficult since I cannot take action and there are many untranslated strings. I can only skip in those cases.

I think the best is to use the software and find the strings that needs to be overridden.