Weblate access problems

@Kristina was granted management access for the Albanian language.

Other users can’t click the “Save” button to submit translations for review.

Is there a way for Kristina to authorize these contributors or does somebody with Weblate admin rights need to set up their permissions before they begin?

Here is my email answer.
(I would appreciate if you could avoid the multiplication of the channels.)

On 2021-07-24 12:03, Daniel Pocock wrote:

Kristina and I are with some of the new contributors in Tirana today

There are 8 people, they created accounts but they can’t click the Save

Normally they should be allowed to make suggestions that must be
validated by a translator.

Does every contributor need to be authorised by you or somebody else in

To make final translation, yes.

Or is there something they must do for requesting access or
joining the project?
Is there any way for Kristina to authorise them?

We expect that translators request to add some frequent translators once
they proved their involvement and quality.
We can not give complete access to every small contributors, for that
they have the suggestions.

I see that translations are starting to land on pootle. Thanks for the work!

I will recomend that Language adminsitrators (I guess this means @Kristina) have a look at the translations checks and fix them.