Web site, menu item "community"

At present, the situation at the web site tryton.org, menu item “community” is a little confusing:

== Forum → (leads to) Ressources page, lacking lots of relevant info
== Presentations
== Get Help → (leads to) Forum
== Contribute

I’d like to suggest to change it as follows:

== Get Help → (leads to) Ressources page with enhanced contents
== Forum → (leads to) Forum
== Presentations
== Contribute

Due to the restrictive policies at tryton.org, it lacks a lot of important info. For that reason, other sites were created to cure this, and these sites are not easy to find. Especially the Spanish speaking community may have a lot we non-spanish-speakers can not find because we do not know the words to search for.

I ask fellows to add their favourites to enhance the list, these are my suggestions:

I’m asking for your opinions, maybe at the end we could hold a poll on the results.


So basically no change except order.
I see no rational why “Get Help” should come before resource where information could be found before asking.

This is non sense.

Contribution is welcome.

People who care about Tryton should focus effort on Tryton.

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This is what herrdeh proposes: have ‘Ressources’ first, like it is and like you propose — just using a different text on the link.

Anyhow, I’d keep “Forum” pointing to Tryton - Forum as this page also includes the IRC channels and mailinglists.

Done once, wasted my time discussing the intention of HTML attributes, will not do again. Sorry to say.

It was not a discussion but an enforcement of the style (which is not debatable).
Sorry for you if you can not fit into the general style.

I don’t really understand why valued software-architect-and-engineer-in-chief is wasting his precious time on a topic out of his expertise, and so it’s understandable that he could not take the time to understand my concern.

Everybody will agree that a menu entry “forum” should lead to the “forum”, if there is one - not elsewhere. It does not on tryton.org. I cannot see any reason for any more discussion on this.

The other question is, what contents the “get help” (resources) menu item should hold. IMHO, it is a community job to collect info and decide on this; for that reason we first need to know what’s available.

No, it is not. Nearly any contribution is rejected due to questionable “quality criteria”, instead of discussing and improving contributions.

The same reason as @herrdeh is wasting his precious time on a topic out of his expertise… :wink:

Fortunately we don’t need to rely on people without experience and had many discussions, a meeting in Liege and an expertized professional web agency producing the homepage…

no, not everybody seems to agree. Please read more carefully what others write before you post

Which is the status quo.

I find your proposal misleading, because a forum is a place where people meet and communicate. All the places where the Tryton community meets (and announces) are collected in the Tryton - Forum page as @htgoebel mentioned.

Moving up “Get Help” on top is IMHO a good idea.

Get help points directly to the support section in discuss:
Support - Tryton Discussion

Persons looking for help can directly choose between their usage of Tryton like:
I am a

  • User,
  • Developer, or
  • System Administrator

of Tryton. There they can search for already answered questions (aka FAQ) and ask new ones.

So it is IMHO doing what you mention


would IMHO letting “Get help” link to Tryton - Forum (you named it resources) moves the help some clicks away and makes orientation foggy.

Status Quo: Click on Get help strictly opens Support - Tryton Discussion is IMHO a good solution.

Sorry, but if we need to discuss whether the menu entry “forum” should lead to the forum or not - then I’m out of this debate.

Be happy with Tryton remaining in a very small nerds’ niche - instead of making it accessible to really many people.