Web Server for Website with Tryon

Is it feasible to run a website using the same Web Server for the Website that Tryton is using in the same Docker?

Or is it better to run a separate Docker with the Web Server. I would like to run both on the same beefy server.

Which is the best way? Would there be issues with either configurations? Thanks for any advice!

So, to answer your question, yes it is feasible to run a website using the same server that you use for Tryton. Although you really don’t want them both to be in the same docker image.

The idea with docker is that each different component, or service, should have its own image and then should run in its own container. You may want to look at the 12 factor app to get some idea of the methodology.

So for example, with Tryton you might be running containers for:

  • postgresql
  • trytond
  • trytond-cron
  • trytond-worker

Each of these would be a separate container, (but all the tryton ones would be using the same docker image).

Often people will also have an Nginx container that is used as a reverse proxy. This would receive the connections for www.example.com and tryton.example.com, and any other domain whose DNS record points to the server. It would then connect the correct requests with the containers that should serve them. So you would obviously also need a container that contains your website.

Hopefully that helps - at least a little bit!

Dave Thanks for the awesome advice. This does look like the way to go. If I was doing this all in windows it would be no problem for me. Linux is not my wheel house however seems like the same concept as using a router or Windows DNS server and such. All you guys on this forum are really great and super responsive. I have learned a boat load of information here. I hope soon I will be versed enough to pitch and help pay back some of the help I have recieved. If there were more windows questions I could LOL. Thanks TelematicMan

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You’re welcome.

Yes, there are some very good people on here. :+1: