Ways to upgrade a database 6.2 to 6.4


I work with virtualenvs in all my instances of tryton.

I tried to upgrade a tryton server from 6.2 to 6.4 but it after install 6.4.x modules can not upgrade.

After install new packages I use trytond-admin -c tr.conf -d mydb --all but the console freeze.

I use htop to see the process but after start it suddenly stop indefinitely. I upgrade psycopg2 module but without success.

I can not connect using neither tryton or sao or proteus.


I was searching about possible issues and found that the DB has a look and the query has these message.

18313 | admin | {26379} | ALTER TABLE "res_user-res_group" ALTER id SET DEFAULT nextval('res_user-res_group_id_seq'::regclass)

I found these lock with this query:

select pid,
       pg_blocking_pids(pid) as blocked_by,
       query as blocked_query
from pg_stat_activity
where cardinality(pg_blocking_pids(pid)) > 0;

After trytond-admin -c tr.conf -d mydb --all is called the look is generated. I’m using trytond==6.4.8

Not sure how to handle it. I will strongly appreciate any advice.

I installed trytond 6.2 again and at the moment it works fine but can not use
trytond-admin -c tr.conf -d mydb --all

If I use it the DB is locked again.

See Trytond-admin 6.6 stuck updating database

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