Virtual Environment Support

Hi all,

I’m new to Tryton. After trying Odoo, I would like to try Tryton. This Software seems interesting and promising from my perpective. However, after I clone the repository, I don’t see any requirements.txt or Pipfile.

Do the developer use virtual environment such as virtualenv or pipenv?

I saw the list of requirements in the documentation. But it would be good if there is a Pipfile in the repository.

The dependencies are in the so you just need to install the package to get all the dependencies.

Hi Cédric,

thanks for the reply. Yes, the dependencies are defined in the So, it does not use the virtual environment concept.

I do not see why you say that. requirements.txt and Pipfile are for specific deployment, see while Tryton is a distributed package.
Both dependencies concepts are not linked in any way to the virtual environment concept. You can install Tryton for development in a virtual environment by running python develop.


Thanks for the link Cédric. I was wrong since I thought the will install the dependencies globally. I’ve just tested running python install and the libs are installed in my virtual env folder.

So what is the difference between the parameter install and develop after

install is copying the source into lib/pythonx.y/site-packages/
develop does not copy the source but store a link in easy-install.pth to point to the current folder.
So develop is useful if you are working actually on the source code of Tryton.