VIP Sales Discount

Hi, I was hoping to be able to apply a discount based on the Party (customer) category, for example to create a VIP discount.
I couldn’t find the solution for this. Is there a way I could achieve this with the current set of features in Tryton?

With the module sale_price_list you can setup a dedicated price list to those parties which will apply a discount on the base price.

Yes I can see I can apply the discount at sales time by selecting a particular price list, but it’s a manual process and I have to know that the party is a VIP. Wouldn’t it be great if tryton could apply the discount based on the party category?

As I said you can set a specific price list to a party.

Found it, and yes that would work for the case I described. many thanks.

It will work, but price_list and discount modify a sale based on unit_price. Is there a way we can combine multiple discounts / price_lists? For example we have a seasonal discount, and we want to apply a VIP discount on top?

The sale_promotion module can managed global promotion over a period on top of the list price of the customer.
And if you want to display the discount based on the product list price, there is the sale_discount module.

Ok perfect, thank you very much.

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