View lot traceability

In manufacturing there is the requeriment to knowing the traceability of an specific lot. This means, that given a specific lot number, we should be able to determine:

  • If it was produced on the company, on which production has been produced and the materials that had been used to produce them. Also to which customers the lot was deliveried to.
  • If it was purchased, at which productions it was used.

This can be used for example to know which customers where afected by a production with defects, or in case of producing foods, which final products used a lot which had defects, etc.

Currently, the only way to see the information of the lots is by searching the moves of the lots but we can not see the production from there not which related lots are related to it.

There was a previous discussion on the mailing list to add a model to show this deditacted option. I’m wondering if this will be the best solution to show such information or if there is a better way to do it.

I still think that it is about building a Model with table_query that links moves between productions (and it should be extendable to add new transforming documents).
Once there is this linking model, we can have two trees following a specific lot move one following up (from where it comes) and another following down (to where it goes).


IMHO your ideas sound reasonable and fits good to the requirements I know.
Here is an example requirement for pressure equipment from the EU.
In CHAPTER 2 - OBLIGATIONS OF ECONOMIC OPERATORS - Article 6 - Obligations of manufacturers it is required to identify every product in this specific market:

  1. Manufacturers shall ensure that their pressure equipment or assemblies bear a type, batch or serial number or other element allowing their identification, or, where the size or nature of the equipment or assembly does not allow it, that the required information is provided on the packaging or in a document accompanying the equipment.

The Traceability is in Annex 1, topic 3.1.5. defined as:

Suitable procedures shall be established and maintained for identifying the material making up the components of the equipment which contribute to pressure resistance by suitable means from receipt, through production, up to the final test of the manufactured pressure equipment.

I uploaded Issue 10792: Add lot traceability view - Tryton issue tracker which implements the described view.