Report to know the quantity of producible product by work center

Hi all!

I’m gonna implement the production module into a company. One of the requirements the Production Manager is to known the quantity of the producible product has at every work center.

For example,

  • The line has three work centers (W1, W2, and W3).
  • We start a production of 100 to product A and a production of 200 to product A also.

How do I know how many quanties of product A are at W1, W2 or W3?

If I implement stock_lot also, how do I know in which work center is the product with the number 3456 (for example) ?

Thanks a lot!

You can create a production location for each cost center, then on each production you will need to pick the location where it is done. This way you will now how many products are consumed on each location and their lots.

But you won’t be able to know how many products are there as once the production is started the inputs are consumed and they never get out from the location as they are transformed to another product.

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Why do you need to know that?

From the lot trace you can find the production documents where you can find the work center where it was produced.


It’s a request of the Production Manager. The idea is to priorize which producible product can push it to done and others to hold it. If I have a Line with 3 or 4 work centers, let’s call it W1, W2, W3 and W4 and I’m producing product A and product B. The two products has the same Production Line. Product A goes to Customer A, and product B goes to Customer B.

A use case could be: My customer A it’s more important than Customer B, but their request started after the B customer. It won’t be the same to decide if I hold the production of Product B if the products are near at the final of the Line (W3) or if the products are near to start W1 or W2.

As I understand this was implemented with this proposal. View lot traceability - #4 by pokoli

This is often not the real requirement, just the solution they think they need.

So what you want to have is a kind of progress bar of the production based on the number of works still waiting. I think this can be something which could be added in base.

It will be more realistic if we add the estimated time per work and then compute the progress based on the spent time.

Hi! It would be really nice to it inside the base of production module.

I’m sharing an image of the report that the customer already has. As you can see with this data, it know how many quantities of every product has at every work center.

I believe it’s more than a progress bar as I understood. A Use Case that sometimes has is: W3 has failed a machine, and it could be decided to move all the production of a particular product to W4, fix the machine and then send it again to W3.

For now you did not provide an argument for it.

Hi! I thought I did on my last message.

I’m not saying that it won’t help a report like you are proposing, but I’m wondering if fits the needs.

  • This kind of progressbar by production, could be look at several productions at once? Probably, I will want to know the progress of the same product on varius productions.
  • This kind of progressbar, could tell us the quantities of sumarized of all the running productions with the same product?

As @pokoli point, looking at spent time and estimated time per work, we could known how many time is left for every production? What about if I want to known the information by all the producible product I have at the Line, and not by the production?

What about the use case I mentined early, that one production could jump from W3 (for an external issue) to W5 (to keep the line going) and then go forward to W3 to finish the work? How do u imagine the progressbar could shown this flow?


I think your requirements are too much to be discussed on a single thread.
Of course many indicators can be added on production, on work center etc.