Video conferencing in tryton?


so i was researching a bit on various video conferencing framework and came across Jitsi .
was thinking is there a way or some how i can implement jitsi in pip mode in tryton framework ?


Tryton is a transactional framework, it is really not designed for video.

thanks for the reply … is it possible that i could navigate to another url using action wizards ? so that i could navigate to the url link of jitsi room from action button

You can use on ir.action.url or if the url comes from a record you can display it with the url widget.

Greetings from Esehat. The way we are looking into embedding VC is to able to conduct meetings between user groups (teams) with the meeting room planning, appointment scheduling, and recording of minutes of meeting amongst virtual and physical teams in enterprisees could be extended to medical encounters between health professionals and patients. The goal is to have this functionality in one framwork rather switch framworks. Regards Henry Dsa

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