Value issues on spreadsheet reports

Hello everyone,
I am working on a report that fills, obviously, some cells with some values of a tryton database.
I found an issue that those values are unusuable for libreoffice calc formulas. Do I have to configure something to make it work?

Could you be more specific please, a concrete example of the problem
would make it easier to help

I am trying to make a report on a ods file and work with some formulas on it like =SUM(A1:A10), but has no success.
Don’t know why, but all the numeric values comes with an ', so libreoffice interprets it like a text, not a numeric value.

If the problem is of the character ’ you can try with the function =value(),

Relatorio determine the type of the cell based on the type of the value.
You can see the supported types in relatorio/template/ in the method _guess_type. I guess the value your are setting is not typed to be a float.

Ok. But somehow is not working. I tried to use some float values without success.
I am trying to put the len of a list on a cell, somthing like relatorio://len(positive_following), where positive_following is the list.
Is there anyway to force relatorio or libreoffice to detect the type of the value?

This work for me. I just duplicate the sheet and copy all cells using the =VALUE(). Now I have a sheet as the data origin and another one where the calculations are done.

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