Value for field "Account" (...) is not valid

Good afternoon everybody,

when trying to validate or post a supplier invoice, I get this error message.

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Can somebody with magic long-distance diagnosis abilities tell me what I’m doing wrong? With customers’ invoices, the problem does not occur…


Good afternoon herrdeh,
The account of the movement is closed:


Hello Alnus, thank you for your attention - and welcome to the club.
Your idea sounds very much plausible, unluckily none of the two relevant accounts are closed. Where else could the problem be?


The error message is clear that the problem is one account used is closed.
Maybe you did not check the right accounts or you forgot that other accounts are involved like the tax account.

Sorry, back again with this problem.

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This happens in sales and purchases when trying to “process” an order.

Background: I took the wrong decision not to choose the standard German SKR04 account scheme, but trying to enhance the “minimal account table”. Bad idea, but now such it is. Due to advice of an accountant, I had to rearrange some of the accounts. Now this problem occurs again. I checked all the accounts, not of them is closed. Definitively not.

Is there any possibility for solving this problem - or will I really have to start over from close to scratch with SKR04?


The error message is clear. You have a closed account on the invoice. But closed may be also because it has no type.

Indeed, there where two accounts without type. I added accounts there. Still it does not work. None of the account has a “debit type” - whatever this is. Can that be the problem?

No, if the error is still the same. Then it is still an account that is closed.

Let’s check whether I understood the idea of “closed account”. @Alnus pointed in #2 to the “closed” box. So I opened:

then opened this view:

and cycled thorough all the accounts and checked whether the “closed” box is ticked… It is nowhere. Is that review correct?

Anyway: Anybody is cordially invited to have a look on my little messy install with AnyDesk or whatever. Drop me a PM in case… (-;