Using Vue.js with Tryton: Experiences and Advantages/Disadvantages

Hello everyone,

I have been considering using Vue.js as the frontend framework for my web application, with Tryton as the backend platform. I was hoping to hear from anyone who has experience using these two technologies together.

According to my research, using Tryton and Vue together could provide a robust and scalable architecture for building web applications, with Tryton handling the backend business logic and data storage, and Vue handling the dynamic and interactive frontend.

What I would like to know is if anyone has any practical experiences with this combination, and if so, what were the advantages and disadvantages you faced? Any tips or recommendations for getting started would also be greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward to hearing from the community and learning from your experiences.

Best regards


Welcome to our community. I give a talk on TUM2019 which explained how we build a mobile application connected to Tryton. Both technologies worked pretty well and four years latter they are beeing used day to day for our customer. This talk was recorded, you can see the video or the presentation.

Having said that, I won’t recomend trying to build from scratch the tryton frontend as there is a lot of features that you will probably miss and will be a very hard work. I will just recomend using an external frontend for having tailor made UI for specific workflows.

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