Using the Sale Point Module

I have some question about using the Sale Point module

  • How to fix the cash fund when opening a session?
  • How to take out or add the money in the box?
  • Currently it is not possible to change the selling unit, any objection to my adding this possibility?
  • Finally I saw that a wizard is missing to transform a ticket into an invoice, I propose to write it if nothing is already done. but I have a question regarding the payment of this invoice, how do you plan to do it and keep a record in the cash register?

It will be great to have such wizard. I always tought that this was missing on the sale point module.

Once the invoice is created, the post move should no longer containg the revenue and taxes lines as they are included in the invoice. In such case we just need to account the payment line using the invoice account and reconcile both lines to mark the invoice as paid.

Also we need to support some workflow that allows to mark the sale as done but delegate its payment to the invoice.

If you want to implement it, maybe the better is to create a feature post to discuss how to implement it

What do you mean? If it is to fill the cash, you do a transfer.

With cash transfer.

I think if you need that it is not more a POS but a regular sale. Or you have 2 products instead of one.

For me we must reuse the POS as the move for the invoice.

I had not understood its usefulness, I will test.

It is common to take a few items from a package, especially on bottles. Having to define a second product each time is very constraining. And I think it is up to the user whether it is more convenient for him to manage 2 products or just one with multiple units.

This does not need to be done with units. It just makes the UI more complex and error prone for no benefit to the user.

It’s done: Create an invoice from a Sale Point ticket

You mean how, if not define 2 products?

Enter the right quantity.

Ok, if you think putting 0.1666 (for a 6-pack bottle) is easier than changing units.

No it is just 6 bottles. In shop almost every products are solid per unit.