Using Eval on Function?

was looking through various modules in tryton. but i was not able to find Eval that is using function to evaluate ? is it possible to do that ? or do i have create function field along with getter ?
what are the others option avaliable ?

Do not understand what do you mean by “using function to evaluate” but Eval only accepts fields from the current model (no functions) or related fields using dot notation (Since trytond: 6fe6d9056f29)

So this are the only options.

suppose i am having this one field with states

gst_no = fields.Char("GST No.", select=True, help="GST No",states = {'invisible':  myfunction })

def myfunction() 
      #My logic here
      #Return True or False

is something similar possible ?

i can acess relation in one2many fields ? and compare the value ? so i don’t have to write logic in fields.depends

You should use a boolean fields that computes the invisible. Something like:

gst_no = fields.Char("GST No.", select=True, help="GST No",
    states = {'invisible':  Eval('gst_no_is_invisible'})
gst_no_is_invisible = fields.Function(fields.Boolean("GST No is Invisible",

def on_change_with_gst_no_is_invisible(self, name):
      #My logic here
      #Return True or False

Note that I used an on_change_with so the function is recomputed whenever the user changes some fields on the records.

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