User Based write acess?


so i was figuring out the way to set the write acess of the form based on logged in user
do i have to write a seprate function in the model or tryton does provide the way with user interface?

The access rights are based on the group membership of the user. Each group can give access based on different level which can be defined by XML in modules or from the Administration menu, see Access Rights — trytond latest documentation

Thanks for the reply ced
i want to set the write acess based on condition

if u see what i want to do exactly is that i want to provide user acess based on record basis . if a particular field in a form is there. then user might have only read acess .

As I understand, you want to give various access rights to each record of the same class. And this access should be dependent on the state of a particular field in the record. Correct?

exactly… thats what my conclusion should be