Use trytond-console inside docker instance

I want to run trytond-console and I have tryton and postgresql installed using docker.

After connecting as root inside the tryton instance…

trytond-console -c /etc/trytond.conf

does not work and it seems /etc/trytond.conf does not contain information for the database.

What parameters should I use for the -d part needed for trytond-console?


You must run the to setup environment variables:

docker run --rm -ti tryton/tryton trytond-console -d <database name>

Why would I run docker with --rm ? Both tryton and postgresql images are already downloaded and running.

I can run inside the tryton container but then running trytond console still errors because I do not know what parameters to put after the -d

Because the run command will create a new container but you do not need to keep it once the command exits.

As I showed in the example, it is the name of the database.