Use of payment methods

I’m already have a main payment method defined for my bank where I pay the supplier invoices:

  • Name: My bank
  • Journal: Cash
  • debit-credit account: 5721

Now I would like to know what payments are done through a debit card. So my initial idea was to define another payment method like this:

  • Name: My bank (debit card)
  • Journal: Cash
  • debit-credit account: 5721


How can I view the payments done through a debit card? I don’t know any report or view to do that.

I could define a dedicated cash journal for debit card and link it to the new method payment created but I will not have cash movements grouped in just one journal anymore…

More over, in case I created a dedicated cash journal for debit card payments:

What If I choose to book a bank statement (which places moves in a statement journal) instead of paying manually the invoice? The book statement may contains lines paid through a debit card, so I’m ending with moves paid with debit card in a dedicated cash journal and in statement journal (losing the info I want to get: payments done through a debit card…)

In this case I will use an specific account for each payment method so then you can make a filter on the account.

It’s a debit card payment against bank account.

If I do that I will not have balanced account bank (from accounting) with real bank account balance anymore…

I think the first thing to settle is why do you want to differentiate payment by method in the accounting?

In the case I’m showing you I don’t want to differentiate payment method by accounting, indeed I hope to account wire transfers, debit card and other payment methods to the same account. I just want to view what movements (or invoices) are being paid by different payment methods.


In Spain (and I guess in another countries too) is common that the financial entity requires you a number of requirements in order to not charge you commissions. For example:

  • Do a minimal transactions per month/quarter with the debit card
  • Contract a life insurance
  • Having a minimum average of cash in your bank account

So knowing how many transactions we did through a debit card help us to manage that.

I never heard about such constraint.
But if the bank imposes such constraint, it should provide you the information?

In our case the bank appends >> “Con la Tarjeta” (with debit card) << to the line’s description of the bank statement/movements.

Anyway, Does Tryton collect that information? Or simply use payment method to book the move in the journal and account configured in payment method and forget it?

There is an especific transaciton type for credit cards on the aeb_43 statement module, which is saved as information origin and can be used to see this information when the statement is imported.

I mean if the bank has special contract for which you must do a minimum of payment with your credit card. They must provide you with a counter so you can follow your contract. Otherwise they are very nasty.

No because we have never seen such practice (a bank payment is a bank payment). And I doubt it is a common practice.

They don’t.

I think it is. For example, every time you use a service like:

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • and so on

It’s common (more as a seller) you’ve to pay fees for using that services (payment methods), so it will be great that Tryton could manage that because it will bring the enough information, for example, to the seller, to try to convince their customers use the cheapest payment method maybe making little discount in products or whatever they want.

More over, the Tryton user would have the info about the amount of money that revenues by payment method, helping him to evaluate what and how many payment methods are more profitable for his business…

I’m lost. I do not understand the requirements anymore. I think you started talking about company doing payment to collecting customer payment.

I’m so sorry.

I began talking about how register a payment to supplier (Invoice - Pay) through a debit card.

Don’t mind. Summarizing:

It seems that there is no way Tryton can help us to manage what we buy or sell by payment method. And I find that it is more interesting because I see so many user cases for that.

Sorry I can not help here (the topic is too much unclear and wide) as I see no precise requirements nor usages.
We can have proposal only when there is a clear and precise workflow/usage.

Got it.

I will re think it in order to transmitting it in a cleaner and simpler way.

Thank you.

For me, the main problem is that you request an implementation (or possible solution) and not describe a problem.

Sorry @pokoli, I missed this comment.

I don’t use aeb43 module yet. I’ll do and check it out. May be is what I looking for…