Use effective date as account move date in account_stock_continental

Since Issue 11003: Stock accounting move should be on today - Tryton issue tracker the date used is always today. Couldn’t we use self.effective_date and only use today if the period is closed?

I do not agree. The booking must be done at the date we observe the cost modification.

The date at which we observe the cost modification is the date at which you make the stock move but it may take some time for the company to introduce that information to the system, which is something different.

For me, the approach suggested by Jared sounds reasonable.

After all, we also allow users to introduce invoices and account moves in dates in the past. Why should it not be possible to do this in this case?

The main reason is in the bug report, the update of cost price is done on today for coherence the stock accounting should follow the same pattern.
Also I see no explanation why it should not be a problem to use today.

This is done by an accountant and we do not fallback automatically to another period. Indeed we let the user make an aware choice. But this can not be done on shipment because it is not the responsibility of the stock user.

Well, I myself (and our users – we were warned of this issue by a customer) expect that the date of the move is the one used in accounting. Here’s one scenario we find reasonable:

  • Today is 01/04/2022 and I introduce in the system the shipment that we delivered yesterday using 31/01/2022 as date for the shipment.
  • I also post the corresponding invoice for that shipment and I use 31/03/2022 as invoice date. We often use the sale_invoice_grouping_period module to automate that so users don’t have to change that date manually, but it is not a requirement.

In this case, when the user looks at the balance and P&L reports for march the invoice is there but she also finds the that there’s still the value of the stock but it really should not.

Sound logical if you enter too late the operation but modify the date of some parts.
Also there is never any link between the date of the P&L and the stock balance. That’s the reason why the balance sheet is based on date and the income statement on periods.

But for now I see no valid proposal for improvement of the current behavior. A special case does not drive the general behavior.

I am from Paraguay, South America. Our companies have been using Tryton since last year. Estamos muy satisfechos y conformes con el ERP. We have implemented the system in two business. One being a food producer, the other being a cattle producer. We have account_stock_continental configuration. Now testing the new version of Tryton before making the change. But we were surprised by this change.

90% of all stock moves are entered late by our users. And that is very common in our country due to many factors, human, late documentation, internet, distance from production.

In Paraguay we have problems with Internet conexions. In some parts there is no Internet for days. Mostly in the countryside where the cattle are being raised. So reports of internal stock consumption coming late are very frequent.

Products that they need to produce in agriculture internally, which will make part of the final production costs, seeds, fertilizers applications, others… The reports of past week applications come today with the dates of applications…. and the users has to update the Tryton stock today.

What the cattle have eaten the past week, come today with the dates of applications…. and the users has to update the Tryton stock today.

Tryton New Version entering too late the operation, will impose that the date of today will be the accounting date. This is a problem for us.

Also with the new version behavior we will have problems every year, when we close and verify the last year’s stocks controls. For example, it is normal to do an inventory in december, and the adjustments in january of new year. And that will be huge problem with accounting auditoria.

Also we find a problem when we do a migration of stock. For example, right now we have to migrate animals in the system dated 08/03/2022. A big inventory was made in march to adjust stock in Tryton. Tryton New Version will take date of 21/04/2022 as the date of accounting. We will have to change manually the date of all the accounting moves which is big task.

So, we find the current behavior on the new version a big problem. What options do we have? thanks.

If it is a problem for you, how to deal with cost updates which updates the stock value but only today?

Hi, sorry I did not understand de question. Thanks.

After a incoming move is done, many other event can happen that may change the cost price of the product receive. In such case the re-computation of the cost is done and Tryton post only for today the adjustment move of the stock value in the accounting.
So the question is why is it a problem for the initial stock move and not for this re-computation?

Ok. Our problem is with tax accounting dates, efective date move stock has to be accounting efective date, the accountant will print mayors and present to state. Accounting Auditoria will see the movements and verify/validate.The dates has to be the same. Now… For Cost Accounting, managerial, maybe I do undertand what you mean. But, In my example the cost price is fixed in the example of the animal product, so there is no “average” in - out. and yes , Yet, I undestand for average, from what you explain, Tryton will afect product cost Today cost, no retroactive, …, so costing date is today… but for our fiscal accounting we need dates stock movement = date accounting.

I submitted Issue 11427: Try to use effective date of stock move for accounting - Tryton issue tracker which I think will provide the best behavior for all cases.