Upload .po file to translate.tryton.org

Together with a client we made lots of (small) changes to the default Dutch translation and want to contribute these changes back. However I can only make suggestions on weblate which is fine, but I don’t want to walk trough all the strings.

After a bit of digging I found Downloading and uploading translations — Weblate 4.9.1 documentation so it should be able to upload translations. At the moment I don’t have that option. Who should I contact to get the rights to do so?

I’ve done the upload process sometime and is completly recomanable only is nobody else is modifing the translation.

I’ve seen you are not the administrator of the Ducth translation (that explains why you can not upload translations). Did you know who is the administror of such language? Are you interested on becoming the adminitrator? If so we can give you the rights, but remember that more power comes with more responsability :wink:

I answer myself, the administrator of the Dutch language is @bert, so you should get in contact with them to avoid overriding translations.

I’m using Tryton for my own small business, so I am kind of eating my own dogfood. And before I want to upload new translations I want to test them locally. And also thanks to @bert basically everything is already translated but it needs a bit more polishing and more Dutchy wording. So being an administrator will ease that.

I understand, but what are those?

I already have contacted @bert and he knows what I’m doing.

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Great, so you are now both Admininstrators of the Ducth language.
You should be able to upload files now.

Could you confirm?

I can confirm that I now have the ability to upload .po files.

Just one question to make everything clear. What is the workflow of the translations? I can upload the translations as suggestions or directly replace them. But what happens next?

If you upload as suggestions other language administration (or youself) should review them to accept the translations.
If you replace them the contents of your file will replace all the exsiting translations and they will be already approved (so there is nothing else to do).

Translations are stored on the translation server and they will be included in the next Tryton release. The translations server is updated each month with new strings that should be translated before the next release. There is also a 2 week time frame before the release where we expect that all translations work on the translations to make all new strings available for the new release.

Please take in account that others can work on the translate server, so if you plan to upload more files in the future, you should download first the new translations to avoid losing the work of others.

Thanks for the explanation.

I fully understand. That was also my plan, download the translation file of a module and carefully merge the changes from my own .po file. After that upload the file. However in the meantime, there can be somebody else who has made changes. So it would be nice to have a kind of ‘lock’ on the translation so anybody else can only make suggestions. But because there are only two administrators I think it can be handled personally.

This is why it is better to work online on the translations.
This also have the benefit to provide direct feedback about checks but also suggest similar usage etc.

Yes I understand. Normally I would work with Tryton and spot a ‘bad’ translation. So I make the change online. But now I have to start first, check how much is changed etc. Maybe I indeed do it online instead of uploading a file. We’ll see.

Welkom as administrator edbo of thet Dutch language.
For the moment i 'm not translating untill there are new strings available.
Find out what workflow works best for you and w’ll take contact again when there are new strings to translate.