Upgrading to the latest version

I installed Tryton using the install package (rpm) from my distro’s package manager (Yast - opensuse). The package installed 4.6 and I would like to upgrade to 5.6. Is there an how-to or something that provides a step by step?


Tryton is a python software, you should better install it using pip3 . You can define which version want using pip3 install trytond==5.6.0

Thanks but I was hoping that someone would provide the steps after the pip3 install. Also that command deals with the demon trytond (the server?) but what about the client? I am a newbie and maybe I don’t realize that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Once you’ve installed the new version, you just need to run the following command to perform the upgrade:

trytond-admin -c trytond.conf -d <database> --all 

Please replace trytond.conf to the route where you have the configuration file and database with the name of the database you want to upgrade.

Note that the migration to a new version may require some manual operations. There are all explained on the migration category of this forum. If you are performing a migration from multiple versions, you should check all the posts of the version involved.

You should also upgrade your clients to match your server version. If you are runing 5.6 series on the server, you should run a 5.6 client to connect to it. Otherwise the client will refuse to connect.

I think that a good tip (no related to opensuse or tryton) when managing a package from a distribution is not to mix a package from the distribution with a manual installation / upgrade. You should go one way or the other because mixing them might result in strange behaviours.

And by the way the opensuse maintainer is on this forum as @coogor he might drop by to help you.

You are absolutely right - mixing package and vanilla installation is not recommended

Currently there is no plan to package Tryton 5.6 for openSUSE, unless someone steps up with a funding. Sorry