Upgrade docker 5.6 to 5.8


We are currently using the 5.6 docker as production. Could u advise the steps for how do we upgrade the docker to the latest version 5.6?


There is no thing special with Docker. You just have to follow the database update procedure.

But i am having the error below:

trytond@e988f9eef764:/usr/local/bin$ trytond-admin -c /etc/trytond.conf -d tryton --all      
Traceback (most recent call last):                                                           
  File "/usr/local/bin/trytond-admin", line 23, in <module>                                  
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/trytond/admin.py", line 26, in run            
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/trytond/backend/sqlite/database.py", line 344,
 in connect                                                                                  
    raise IOError('Database "%s" doesn\'t exist!' % path)                                    
OSError: Database "/var/lib/trytond/db/tryton.sqlite" doesn't exist!

It depends on how you connected with the docker image but you may need to execute command through the /entrypoint.sh. (run executes the the ENTRYPOINT by default vs exec does not).

Thanks for your assistance. I resolved it by putting the following item in config file.

uri = postgresql://postgres:password@x.x.x.x:5432/
path = /var/lib/trytond

Well running /entrypoint.sh trytond-admin -c /etc/trytond.conf -d tryton --all would have prevent the need to edit the configuration file.

Thanks. We have upgraded it successfully. However, we are having the webview problem of below screen capture. Do u know how to solve it?

Seems it only happen at Google Chrome, the Microsoft Edge is fine.

This is typically a browser cache issue. Force the refresh.

Thanks. It works like a charm.