Updates of success stories

Since the redesign of the website and the new layout for success stories, I have requested from existing authors to submit an updates to include in the website. As you can see Tryton - Success Stories more than half of them are still missing. I think it is important for the image and the communication of the project to have up to date success stories and a lot of them.
I remind every 2-3 months about this request but it does not seem to work. What do you think we should do?

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I asked for an update from our side…

We only have to options:

  1. Keep asking for updating the success stories indefinitly.
  2. Put a due date and remove all the storeis that are not still migrated on the date.

P.S: I’m not very fan of removing success stories but normally giving a due date forces people to do the work.

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Should I provide a success story? - Maybe even in German? - I saw that German companies are presenting in English as well, but a little more variety might be helpful.

(In spite of my permanent whining, I’m now more and more happy with my tryton, you won’t belive… :wink:

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It will be great if you can provide a success story explaining your case.

If you want to be listed on tryton.org you should use English as it is the language of our website.
But you can share your sucess story in German in other language. For example, we usally publish our success stories in English in tryton.org and in Spanish on our company website.