Update price of multiple subscriptions

Hi, I was wondering if there are some ideas to update the list price of multiple subscriptions at once. For example, I will like to update the price of a subscription service of a running subscription to 20% more.

I have a lot of subscriptions, so I thought i can achieve it with a wizard, but I was wondering if this could not be something that tryton core will want to have.

I think it may be good to have a standard mechanism to define how price of long running subscription should evolve over time. Usually such evolution is well defined when the subscription contract is made. The design should be simple but easy to extend to support different constraints.

In Spain normally contract prices are updated based on a Price Increase Percentage which is published by the authorities. So when the percentage is published all the active contracts unit price are increased by this percentage.

@lukio which mechanism do you use on your country?

In Belgium, I think, it is only controlled by the authorities for house rental. It is based on an table which describe the maximum percentage increase allowed. The description is done by comparing two coefficients the one from the start of the contract and the one at the anniversary of the contract.

So for me, we must have a very flexible method which can use external data etc.

So probably we should add a new selection field on Subscription to indicate the Price Update Method and have a method on lines to update the unit price based on the mechanism.

Then adding a wizard to select the Price Update Method, which will search for all the active subscriptions that have this method and call the method to update the values. This Wizard can ask for aditional parameters and pass it them to the methods that do the computation.

Base module can implement a “Percentage” update method that asks for a percentage and increases the line’s unit_price by this percentage.

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For me, it must be more complex than a selection. It should be a object a little bit like “payment term”.

I do not think it should be done with a wizard. The subscription when generating new lines should check if the price must be updated or not following the new object rules.

I do not think the user must fill any extra parameter. The subscription is a contract and the update of the price should be completely defined prior to the starting and can only be changed by amendment (going to draft).