Update from 7.0.8 - 7.0.9

Hello, I have never updated a version because I am quite new to Tryton.

So I have the system installed on Docker with version 7.0.8 and I want to install the latest one (right now: 7.0.9).

Could you tell me how to proceed to do it correctly?

This is a minor update (only the third part has changed), thus no change to the database. This means: Just drop your old containers and start the new ones.

I imagine it will be a minor update, but I want to be clear about how to do it for when something more important comes along.

And indeed, I have deleted the “tryton” container and created the new one again, but when I access Soft., I still get the old version.

I don’t know if it hasn’t been updated or if it has been updated but internally the version number hasn’t changed.

All this is what I would like to know.

Thank you.

You must pull the new image from docker hub with docker pull tryton/tryton:7.0 and just restart the container.

I would advise to always use the tag series and not latest to avoid unexpected series upgrade which may need Migration - Tryton Discussion.

I have done this, but even when I go to Tryton the old version still appears.
I’ve even cleared the cache just in case but it doesn’t make any difference.
Will I have to restart something else from docker for it to catch it?

And which image do you have?

There was the problem, because I had the latest image and that’s why it didn’t work for me.

I have already deleted the docker in question and I have done it with the version image as you indicated.
Thank you.
Everything OK.

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